Trade fare design with over two hundred meters of e-broidery® curtains and panels

e-broidery® LED textiles were used in large scale for the first time in September 2015. At three key points Avantex, trade fair for innovative textiles in Paris, deployed illuminated textiles – in the forum, the catwalk and the hallways. For the realisation of the curtains and panels with individual light patterns, 4’500 LEDs have been processed in St.Gallen. Over 120m transparent, magically shimmering room dividers created a one of a kind futuristic atmosphere in the forum area. An effect that was perceptible even in far distance. Six illuminated panels with subtly animated arrow-graphics led the visitors to the catwalk area.

e-broidery® ELEMENTS consist of five basic designs and five fabric qualities that provide the fundament for manifold illuminated textile-effects. Supplied from small quantities, individual light patterns can be realised for diverse applications and decoration styles.