A modular system that can be applied as window cover, room divider, sound installation or light source

A modular system of discs that function as an electrical circuit of soft conductive embroideries powering different outputs like music lights and integrated sensors.
The discs are interconnected using metallic clips that also connect the circuitry in order to play music, light up a space or monitor the nearby surroundings. The curtain is modular in two ways: One is that it is possible to add sections and functionalities, and two, that it is possible to change the layout to a certain extent.
With the support of Forster Rohner Textile Innovations, Danish design studio Diffus and Italian textile engineering company Inntex have created a whole new system for interior design.
The versatility of this unique system allows the user to locate the different outputs and inputs almost anywhere within the matrix of the curtain. It can be used as a window curtain, a room divider, a sound installation, a security system, a light source etc.